Marc Kielburger – A lifetime of Speaking and Inspiring

A Lifetime of Speaking and Inspiring

From its inception as Free the Children to its transformation into WE Charity, the WE movement has been driven for 25 years by the infectious positivity and inspiring message of Marc Kielburger and his brother Craig.

The videos below illustrate the passion and breadth of experience that the Kielburgers bring to every speaking engagement. Whether they’re making a promotional video for WE Charity, answering questions in a televised interview, or speaking to thousands of youths at a WE Day event, the Kielburgers bring their characteristic enthusiasm to everything they do.

The videos showcase their growth as speakers and leaders, from their early days running a small nonprofit out of their parents’ house to the global movement that WE Charity has become.

Listening to these speeches, it becomes clear that the Kielburgers have spent their adult life inspiring others to care about the world around them, and to do something to make it a better place for all of us.