“We wanted to make caring cool and changing the world possible for young people.”


About Marc Kielburger

Marc is an Inspiring Speaker, Syndicated Columnist, New York Times Bestselling Author, WE Co-Founder. He is a Harvard and Oxford graduate, Rhodes Scholar and holds 10 honorary doctorates.

I Inspire.

Marc engages and inspires people of all ages to create change in their lives and in the lives of others. Marc embodies how one can use business, social entrepreneurship, and education as a force for good.

I Speak.

Marc is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has spoken to over 2 million people from conferences to live stadium events.

I Write.

Marc is a New York Times bestselling author who has written numerous books addressing global change, activism, and social entrepreneurship.

Marc Kielburger

Marc's Story

In 1995 working with his brother, Craig Kielburger, he began a journey that would spark a worldwide movement of social change and empowerment.

“I want to leave the world better than I found it. Now I have the added incentive of wanting to do that for my two little girls. I want their opportunities and legacy to be built on the knowledge that the world is heading in a positive direction.”

WE Movement

WE is a movement that believes when we come together we can create an even better world. WE makes it easy for you to get involved—whether at home, school or work—by offering resources to help you create positive social change in your community and around the world.

Speaking Engagements

Marc is an internationally-acclaimed speaker, social entrepreneur who inspires people to empower themselves to make a significant positive impact on the world.